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Thanks, Ross
By:Pete Rudie
Date: 9/12/2001, 1:07 pm
In Response To: Jay Babina's sculling article *Pic* (Ross Leidy)

Chris Cunningham (editor, Sea Kayaker magazine) demonstrated some versions of this at R2K1, including one where he extended the paddle with his lower arm and didn't move at all! He said some Greenlanders are able to sleep this way!!!

: I've put together a webpage to host Jay's article on sculling. I haven't
: hooked it into my main webpage, but you can access it independently for
: now. Thanks, Jay, for sharing the info with the paddling community.

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Jay Babina's sculling article *Pic*
Ross Leidy -- 9/12/2001, 12:40 pm
a good kayak helps, too
Dean Trexel -- 9/12/2001, 5:30 pm
a valuble comparison
erez -- 9/13/2001, 5:13 pm
Thanks, Ross
Pete Rudie -- 9/12/2001, 1:07 pm
Thanks *NM*
Jim -- 9/12/2001, 1:00 pm