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Re: walrus/Cunningham comparison
By:Mike Hanks
Date: 9/2/2001, 8:37 am
In Response To: Re: walrus/Cunningham comparison (LeeG)

: Mike, forgive my laziness for not searching this one out,, do you have a
: comparison of the two kayaks, your putz (excuse me) and the
: SeaKayaker/Cunningham boat?


They are both quite easy to turn, but Cunningham's kayak turns easier because of more rocker. The Walrus Tracks better than Cunningham's kayak eaven with the skeg fully deployed on Cunningham's kayak. Windage is low on both of these kayaks, so weathercocking shouldn't be bad, the Walrus, doesn't much at all, but I think the Cunningham kayak will with the skeg up. Cunningham's kayak is quicker and faster being 1' longer and 1" skinnier, but has muck less initial stability. I'm not saying that it is tippy, but I feel that the Plywood Walrus has rock solid initial stability. Both have good secondary. They both should roll nicely, the Walrus does, but I didn't try Cunningham's kayak.


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