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Re: Varnish Question
By:Dave H
Date: 8/28/2001, 11:25 pm
In Response To: Re: Varnish Question (LeeG)

: I'm not sure what the drawbacks are,,but I don't see other guys using cheap
: varnish. West Marines cheapest varnish sounds watery in the can compared
: to the other brands. Maybe $10/qt. isn't much of a savings compared to the
: cost of the epoxy it's protecting as well as the labor used to put all
: that wood together. Recently varnished a kayak with z-spar polyurethane
: clear "varnish" and am very happy with the results.

Thanks. I think I just needed confirmation that you get what you pay for. It doesn't always seem to apply as Raka epoxy is a bargain, yet I have been very happy with it.

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