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Re: Varnish Question
Date: 8/28/2001, 5:41 pm
In Response To: Varnish Question (Dave H)

:When refinishing my Canoe I was advised from one of the local marine stores to never scrimp on Varnish you really do get what you pay for the varnish will be your "sunscrean " I was advised to lift a cheap can of varnish and a premium can such as epiphanes you can feel the weight difference what your paying for in the expensive varnish is dissolved solids which will protect your time investment from UV , if you can don't use cheap varnish. The good stuff will also last a lot longer than the cheap stuff.
Good Luck Bert In the processs of final sanding, and researching varnishes. It seems that
: McCloskey Spar Varnish is by far the cheapest solution. I can get it at
: home depot for less than $10.00 a quart. This is at least half the price
: of other varnishes I see in the local stores and on the web.

: What are the drawbacks of using this less expensive varnish. I am trying to
: keep costs down, but don't want to risk the hundreds of hours I've put
: into this project.

: Thanks in advance. Any comments from experience would be appreciated.

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