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Re: Ditto on the "Deep-Probe" Don
Date: 8/24/2001, 8:19 pm
In Response To: More on R2K2 (Don Beale)

: I took the liberty of sending Fort Worden an email about group camp site.

: I just got off the phone with Tina, who said if we call this a 'conference'
: then we can book it a year in advance. The catch is, we have to have some
: sort of catered food, perhaps instead of a BBQ? I'll email this to Joe,
: but what's the general reception? Would we be willing to pony up in
: advance for our "Dinner out"?

Thanks Don

I found Tina very helpful in answering any and every question I had last year about this event, and she does seem to be all into helping folks use their facilities. Did she mention whether the catered event would bave to be at the little shack near the site or in one of the halls up on the hill? Or.... off site?

I'm in as well if there are enough folks to make it work. Size and function are probably very important items to consider. I just emailed Pete Roszyk and mentioned how much I enjoyed the two dinner/get togethers that I attended on Sat. and Sunday evening. I think it was the only time Joe and Bonnie actually got to sit down and visit, without mentioning the "King". Look forward to something like that being part of the event next year. Nice to just relax and get personal instead of comparing boats and epoxy mixes. :)

Course, the only time I saw Mike Hanks without that silly grin after playing in the King, was when he was talking about it. LOL

Oh, and Ken, I'll be there with the Cookies if You'll be there with a boat. DONE! They seem to have all disapeared, so I guess that was a good sign.

Oh, and T.B. thanks you all, as she has never gotten that much attention before. I think she was upset at leaving as well.


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