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Re: More on R2K2
By:Ken Sutherland
Date: 8/24/2001, 6:28 pm
In Response To: More on R2K2 (Don Beale)

Contact Rehd's Cookies and Catering Co. They're located in Southern California somewhere!
Are ther tentative dates set for next year?
I'll probably still be 'almost finished' my boat for then. :)


: I took the liberty of sending Fort Worden an email about group camp site.

: I just got off the phone with Tina, who said if we call this a 'conference'
: then we can book it a year in advance. The catch is, we have to have some
: sort of catered food, perhaps instead of a BBQ? I'll email this to Joe,
: but what's the general reception? Would we be willing to pony up in
: advance for our "Dinner out"?

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More on R2K2
Don Beale -- 8/24/2001, 4:59 pm
"Conference" :\
Roger Nuffer -- 8/24/2001, 11:42 pm
Re: Lets see what Joe says
Don Beale -- 8/25/2001, 10:34 am
Re: Lets see what Joe says
Ray Port Angeles -- 8/25/2001, 11:19 am
Re: Ditto on the "Deep-Probe" Don
Rehd -- 8/24/2001, 8:19 pm
Re: Ditto on the "Deep-Probe" Don
Matthew -- 8/24/2001, 9:52 pm
Re: Ditto on the "Deep-Probe" Don
LeeG -- 8/24/2001, 11:17 pm
Re: Hmmmmm!! Any Takers ?? :) *NM*
Rehd -- 8/24/2001, 11:04 pm
Re: Group Site & Catering
John Schroeder -- 8/24/2001, 6:57 pm
Re: GI was thinking...
Don Beale -- 8/24/2001, 10:50 pm
Re: More on R2K2
Ken Sutherland -- 8/24/2001, 6:28 pm
R2K2 Group Site/Catered? I'm in.
Shawn Baker -- 8/24/2001, 5:40 pm
Sounds good to me too *NM*
Bill Price -- 8/24/2001, 5:55 pm