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Re: kayak shed options
By:Greg Root
Date: 8/20/2001, 9:14 am
In Response To: Re: kayak shed options *Pic* (Mike Nicholson)

: If it was the shed along I-95 in West Haven, I'll try to get their name and
: number tomorrow.
: Check out the shed I built based on a greenhouse design. I made it for under
: $200. I can send you a building plan if you're interested.
: Mike
Hi, Mike-Thanks for the response; now that I think of it, it probably was West Haven-big billboard, on the south side of the hiway, looked hand-done? I'd appreciate the info, and would also appreciate the plans for your shed, looks like I could modify it to suit my needs. Have you figured out a way to vent it? That will be a major concern, since one side will be continuously exposed to sunlight. How much protection does the covering give re UV? Thanks again- Greg

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