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Re: kayak shed options
By:Mike Nicholson
Date: 8/20/2001, 7:42 am
In Response To: Re: kayak shed options (Tom)

On overcast days, it was about 10 degrees warmer inside from the sun, and out of the wind, it felt like the tropics. I was very comfortable stripping and sanding. The temps went down at night though, so Titebond turned white and came undone. I understand some glues don't have this problem. I had an old-fashioned propane radiator that I used on days I needed to fiberglass. Ultimately, this was only marginally successful. When it was 20 outside, I got it up to 45-50. I didn't mind that the Raka took 5 days to harden. I did a less than perfect job glassing the interior because it didn't flow very well. If I had waited for balmy days, even that would have been more successful.
Condensation was a minor problem. Especially with snow on the plastic (I routinely shook it off the top, but it was 6' up the sides this year), it was like a tent when you wake up in the winter. It would snow or rain inside when you shook it first thing in the am. Tools get a light rust after a few months if not kept up.
I think those tank-shaped contractors propane heaters would have the place toasty quickly. With my leaky doors at each end (necessary for hot days), there was plenty of ventilation to make a kerosene heater feasible too. I tried a small electric space heater, and an quartz heater. They blew my circuits so I couldn't tell how they would work.
If you want it warm enough to work comfortably, this will do. If you want an inside climate, you need to keep looking.
I tried
Is there any viable way to heat this kind of shed? I am interested in
: building over the winter and am looking for options, as I have no place to
: build indoors.

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