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Cutting for uniformity
Date: 8/9/2001, 12:53 pm
In Response To: Cutting Strips (Jim Martin)

Here some suggestions from this shop.

When we rip strips. We use rough lumber rather then dimensional so like your boards we get all kinds of fun twists and turns. We use a table saw with a jig. The jig works better and the whole thing is safer when we shape the board first.

Generally, we put the rough piece through a joiner until we have One good straight edge. YEah we lose a little bit but not much and the quality of what is left is much better. And the whole day is safer and less frustrating because our jigs don't get buggered.

One you have the strips ripped. We do the same thing to each strip in the vertical. We get one good edge by running each strip through another jig. In both directions. This gives us strips that are all exactly alike in dimensions
before we stuff them in our router jig

Then we route. This proces makes our strips more uniform as our jigs aren't compensating for variable sized and torqued wood.
On the other end we have strips that are uniform and straight. There is enough horsing strips to get them to form with out adding strips that have a mind of their own.

Godd luck


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