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hit the library, book store, and links from here
By:Paul G. Jacobson
Date: 7/9/2001, 2:26 am
In Response To: How do I get started? (Patrick Criswell)

: Looking for plans to build an inexpensive kayaks for my son & I. River
: & creeks & sometimes the lakes here in the Dallas,TX area. Little
: skills with fiberglass, but willing to learn. It would help me in my sign
: business to create unusal signs or statues. Can someone lead me into the
: right direction?

Head for or Barnes and noble's web pages and search for books on building kayaks and canoes (the British call our kayaks canoes).

Browsing this bbs and the associated pages will get you some background info and some tips on which books to select, then from the online book stores you can get info on how to order these books. If you want to save a few bucks, take that info to your local library and ask them if they have the book, or a similar one, or if they can get either through an interlibrary loan.

If you want to learn or improve on your fiberglassing skills, check the training materials offered by some of the fiberglass cloth and resin suppliers.
Fibreglast ( has a list of training materials they offer on their site.

Although you mentioned fibreglass, you might want to shift your goals a bit and look at constructing a kayak frame that is covered with some of the sign fabric that you might use in your trade. An ad for your shop on the side of the boat could be an effective piece of advertising. (Just keep the boat on top of your car most of the year so people can see it, and the ad.) Popular boats of this type would be baidarkas (look for the link to the baidarka list), and boats built from George Putz's book on canvas covered boats. Putz's Walrus design is currently a popular item on this board. Clark Craft ( has sets of plans available for about a dozen different fabric-covered boats, at reasonable costs.

Hope this helps


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hit the library, book store, and links from here
Paul G. Jacobson -- 7/9/2001, 2:26 am
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Guy Kaminski -- 7/7/2001, 1:52 pm