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Re: Poplar
By:garland reese
Date: 7/5/2001, 3:02 pm
In Response To: Poplar (Jim Carroll)

: I have an opportunity to pick up some nice poplar boards and was wondering if
: poplar is an acceptable wood for kayak building. I would of course have to
: cut them and put a cove and bead on them. I am planning on building a
: Great Auk out of Nicks book. Thanks

there is an article in the June issue of WoodenBoat Magazine about Robb White, a south Georgia boatbuilder who uses Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron tulifpera) to build his small sailing rowing and motor skiffs. He has a 12foot, 54" beam double eneded sailing boat, gunter rigged and built in Tulip Poplar, in his unique methodology. The boat, rigging and all, weighs in at 45lbs. His boats are built glued lapstrake, from Tulip Poplar planking, glassed on both sides prior to assembly.....quite a fascinating article.
Mr. White claims Tulip Poplar to be as light as white cedars, Northern Pines and spruces. It is in the hardwood family. Light in color, although it darkens very quickly. He has a small web a search for robb white and sons. Not much info, as he is not an advocate of doing business electronically, but there are a few pictures of his boats there.
I don't know what kind of Poplar you are looking at, but I wouldn't discount it yet. You could use thinner strips with it if it is a heavier wood, which would offset the weight difference.

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