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Re: Poplar
By:Rick M
Date: 7/5/2001, 8:16 pm
In Response To: Poplar (Jim Carroll)

: I have an opportunity to pick up some nice poplar boards and was wondering if
: poplar is an acceptable wood for kayak building. I would of course have to
: cut them and put a cove and bead on them. I am planning on building a
: Great Auk out of Nicks book. Thanks

I concur with the other posts in that is can be heavy useing a wood like poplar.
But then is weight that big a deal for you. I built a 14' yak out of bass and mahoganny that came out around 45-47lbs. Some of the weight is probably extra epoxy. Poplar, like bass has virtualy no grain pattern and can look great next to a contrasting wood like WRC, redwood, mahog or walnut. If weight is a concern and you don't want to put out the big bucks for ceder try pine. It is slightly heavier then cedar but definatly lighter then most poplars.
Good luck, keep us posted.

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