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Re: hatch vacuum solution
By:Don Beale
Date: 6/15/2001, 2:57 pm
In Response To: Re: hatch vacuum solution (todd)

Yes. It's pretty tough to seal end grain in a small hole, and be sure it's not got a pinhole in it.

I like the handle arrangement, it's easy to remove with cold gloved hands.

: I think what I will try of all the good sugestions is the 1/16th inch hole
: with a bicycle intertube patch over it. I will put a pin hole in the
: patch. I want to make sure that the interior end grain in my bulk head is
: sealed. Is the best plan to drill a 1/8th inch and then fill with epoxy
: and then re-drill 1/16th of an inch? Thanks again to all for the help,
: todd

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