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Re: hatch vacuum
By:Don Beale
Date: 6/14/2001, 7:50 pm
In Response To: hatch vacuum (todd)

Sounds like I'll have to try these Vaclav hatches. In my Spring Run, I had to add a pull tab so I could get a grip on the hatch to release it. Joe Greenley uses a nicer version of it, in which a small slit is cut into the hatch, the flat nylon strap is run to the inside, and glassed in place. Very unobtrusive, and yet gives a nice grip to pull the hatch loose with.

On mine, I simply glued the scrap of webbing underneath, and run it up over the seal and out the edge of the hatch. I had to smooth the edges of the webbibg where it crosses the seal, but it doesnt leak.

: Finally getting to spend some time in my boat and realizing I have airtight
: hatches. I built the Vaclav style hatches with the Leidy bungies and am
: afraid its so air tight that with temp changes my boat is going to
: implode. I am not excited after succeeding in getting my hatches to be
: water tight to drill into my bulk heads. Any recommendations on the best
: way to do this? Can I fill the hole with something that is water tight but
: not air tight? Cork or valve? Any info much appreciated. For what its
: worth the boat is a CLC west river 180 with a strip built deck and okeme
: hull and bulk heads glassed in and out. Thanks, Todd

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