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Re: Right store, wrong aisle.
Date: 6/11/2001, 11:44 pm
In Response To: Right store, wrong aisle. (Paul G. Jacobson)

The office supply stores in my area have the large presentation pads with one inch grids but at $25 for 50 sheets its kinda high and Nicks offsets will work better with 10-10 graph paper from an art store.Then again I love drawing so I purchased blank paper and drew my own one inch graph,I have a template that has a ruler which works great with Nicks offsets(although I haven't completed the guillemot drawings). I have drawn Ted Moores venture 14 and also intend to draw the Guillemot Double and Great Auk. Although at the rate I'm going I'll probably never build any of them.I think I'll hang them in my shop after its built.I also recommend using workable fixatif (or hair spray) to keep your drawing from smearing as you go.It works great if you draw with pencil.

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Right store, wrong aisle.
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