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Right store, wrong aisle.
By:Paul G. Jacobson
Date: 6/11/2001, 10:44 pm
In Response To: Graphing Forms - Help (David Elles)

: Where can I get graph paper big enough to graph the forms for the Guillemot,
: or am I just not seeing the it fit correctly on regular 8.5 x 11 graph
: paper from Office Max ???

Head back to the Office Max and look in the aisle where they have the presentation stands -- those easel thingees they use for presenting flipcharts to bored executives.

You'll find giant pads of paper for these stands. They are probably 24 inches wide and about 30 inches deep. They usually have a few varieties of these: plain, newsprint, ruled, 2 inch grid, and 1 inch grid, etc. The 1 inch grid is just perfect for plotting points, with the 2 inch grid ranking just behind it. Use a small ruler to measure from the grid lines for those fractions of an inch.

Last time I looked these pads of paper cost anywhere from $5 to $14 dollars.

Hope this helps


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Right store, wrong aisle.
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