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Are Women More Creative?
By:Joe Greenley
Date: 6/12/1998, 10:51 pm

I built a kayak awhile back on which I wanted to try some different deck graphics; I scratched my head and scratched my head until finally my wife came breezing into the shop and said, "Are you having trouble honey? Here let me help you." About three minutes later - voila - and there it is! She'll be doing all of the "artsy stuff" from here on out.

Yes, they are more creative! (than me anyhow)

There was an earlier thread about fastening inside seam tape. I have pre-fastened inside seam tape for several boats now; I feel that it is by far the easiest way to go about this sometimes messy procedure.

Here is a photo of a deck with pre-fastened tape.

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Are Women More Creative?
Joe Greenley -- 6/12/1998, 10:51 pm
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NIce deck.
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