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Re: Surform==magic
By:Karl Coplan
Date: 6/3/1998, 10:11 am
In Response To: Surform==magic (Ross Leidy)

> for fun, I turned the scraper at a right-angle to the strips, and
> committed the cardinal sin of woodworking--I scraped across the grain.
> I had instant satisfaction. Here's all the cool things I discovered:
> the curve of the tool fits the curve of the bilge so does a good job
> of leveling, the surface it left on the wood was rough, but it didn't
> leave big gouges, the tool is feather-light but very effective, it
> cuts on the draw stroke and is very easy to control, it fits almost
> all the way into the 'V' of the stem so there's very little heavy-duty
> sanding left to do. I was in heaven. I turned up the Pat Metheny and
> went to town.

I used the sure-form scraper the same way on the inside of my Coastal, with similar great results. It made smoothing the convex and concave curves really easy, and since it was all going to be out of view, I didnt worry too much about the cross-grain scratches.

Those scrapes work great for shaping the cockpit cut out and the coaming, too. They cut right through the glass and the wood. You dont have to worry how dull you are making them by cutting glass, since replacement blades are so cheap.

Good luck with your boat!

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