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Re: I have to ask this...
By:Ross Leidy
Date: 6/3/1998, 8:48 am
In Response To: I have to ask this... (Brian Millington)

Actually, I was only interested in getting the inside smoothed-out enough so that the glass won't trap big air pockets. The pre-milled strips I bought are high in the center (a mixed blessing), and if I don't do a pretty thorough job of leveling, I will end up will long parallel air pockets. It just worked out that the Surform Scraper was great for paring down the high spots. Hey, after the amount of time this thing has been in my basement, I'm the first to agree that the visual appearance of the inside is immaterial. However, structural integrity is another thing altogether. I'm antsy to get finished, but I don't want to screw up by rushing at the end.


> Is the INSIDE of the boat that important?
> I guess there's an esoteric thread in some folks that demands
> sticking your head through the hatch of other people's boats and inspecting
> the workmanship of the non-functional side of the hull, but hey...
> if the outside looks good, and it performs, who gives a d@$%#m? Have
> you ever seen the inside of a Formula One race car? - it ain't a Lexus!
> JMHO, Am I alone here? I guess I'd rather paddle than worry about
> the invisible (to the uninvited). I'd rather be buuilding the next
> boat.
> Brian M.

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