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Scott Fitzgerrell
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Most Recent Post: 10/15/2001, 11:52 am

Boats built:
Pygmy Tern 14, Fall 2000

Laughing Loon Shooting Star, Summer 2005

One Ocean Storm SLT, Summer 2007

Chesapeake Light Craft Wood Duck 12 Hybrid, Summer 2009

Also own a Pygmy Coho, built by other hands and bought used on the BASK classifieds, Spring 2000. This was my first kayak; it hooked me on wooden boats and led directly to the Tern build, which then naturally led to the strippers.

I live in Piedmont, CA, in the San Francisco Bay Area, and paddle the Bay and coast with BASK (Bay Area Sea Kayakers:, and also Lake Tahoe and Wright's Lake in the Sierras (see photo). I paddled the Laguna Beach coast pretty much all my life before that. Feel free to contact me if any of the above strikes a chord. Happy building, happier paddling.