Is this motor suitable for kayak, paddling or Canoes…etc?

Submitted bylynn onMon, 10/28/2019 - 23:57

150KV Waterproof IP68 Inrunner Brushless Motor 65111

diy kayak components


Waterproof motor

150kv waterproof motor

Maybe so, maybe no but one thing I would suggest, at least from an inept and incompetent neophyte to this world (me!) is that some states require anything with a motor to be registered. My state you're 100% good to go if the boat is less than 14 feet long and 5 or less hp. There's also a price limit as well below which you are OK but I am not sure what or how much.

Where I live if your craft was sold or built as a kayak it might go under the cusp so to speak even if it's >14 feet long but it's a legal gray area as long as the power is limited. That said some shops err on the side of caution and advise you to register, others just say "to heck with it, kayaks fly under the radar". Also FYI many inland areas such as ponds and lakes have power limits, some more generous of ~10hp, some as low as 5hp.

So definitely look this stuff up first before spending the money or time on a motor, you may find that the registration, insurance or documentation requirements to be so onerous that you will not wish to bother. It's cheaper than getting a ticket on the water!

Gary Christensen

Sat, 01/18/2020 - 10:24

Speaking from a longterm electricians brain (ya I know..probably fried:)). Although the motor seems to be a sealed unit, you want to ensure that there will be adequate cooling of the motor. Electric motors under load generate considerable heat. Should be easy enough to mount the motor is a sealed "wet box" built inside the hull.