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Restoring the VJ

Submitted by Pruden17 on Thu, 05/02/2019 - 21:59

Well, I must be getting old...the VJ, my Waters Dancing S&G Lightning 17, has a delamination issue at the underside of the cockpit deck. The brass strip on the keel is loose. Seat supports are broken. A couple of chines are ground down by a couple of millimeters...Shyte...this sounds like my body feels.

I started sanding her down to the epoxy last week...I'll be on it all day tomorrow to remove the old varnish and get it down to where I can expose all damage and start the repairs. Some of you might remember that I built a permanent camera holder under the deck. I've cut that out (thank you Sawzall) and I have a replacement that is not only longer to fit my big lens but will be removable (slide into built-in slots). I will repaint her using automotive paint and do some artsy stuff using metal flake. In the meantime, I'll be paddling my S&G Night Heron. It's a good life.

Looks like a good project, I am sure you will have plenty of good memories as you work on it.  Good hearing from you.


...what’s really good is not being on Facebook. Too much mid/dis information there. It’s good to be back to the real world...this site. 😃