Restoring Folbot Super TSK - HELP!!!

Submitted byjdbeers onSun, 01/05/2020 - 16:52

I have a 1980s era Folbot Super TSK (I'm pretty sure that's what it is) that I'm going to reskin and refinish, among other things. I've got some ideas on how to reskin but they're only ideas, so I could really use some help. I have limited funds but think I have the hand tools I need (hopefully). Here are my questions:

I was going to use heavy duty truck tarp material (it's a PVC coated polyester) for a new skin - will that work?

I'm going to sand the wood frame and refinish it but I don't know what to refinish it with. Certainly the finish needs to be waterproof. Any suggestions?

For gluing and patching the skin, what kind of glue do I need?

For hardware (screws, etc.), what do I use? Copper? Stainless steel?

I'm sure I'll have to check in with this forum now and again as I get under way!



John VanBuren

Fri, 01/10/2020 - 07:37

I would use epoxy to seal the wooden parts. Alternately I would use at least four coats of a good quality MARINE varnish.

For the skin, you need to decide if you want the boat to remain collapsable, I would recommend that you spend some time reviewing the instructions at for information.

If you want to leave the boat assembled, I would use the information provided by the Skin Boat School for information. Or purchase one of the books on building a Greenland Kayak book or Jeff Horton's book on the subject.


John VB

I did a little digging in the old archives and found these articles. Hope this helps. Note that a simple search of the old archives will provide you with a wealth of information. This site used to have a membership of over 800 builders, many who built SOF kayaks, many who are engineers, and many who experimented and published the results of their work.

Robert N Pruden