Willow Ribs

Submitted byJohn VanBuren onSun, 12/30/2018 - 06:39


   Has anyone tried using willow or red dogwood shoots on a SOF kayak? Hillary Russell shows them in his book on building SOF Double Paddle Canoes. The technique interests me since I have seen some red dogwood growing along our local roads here in Greene County, NY.

John VB

John, Willow ribs are a traditional bushcraft sort of way to build a canoe and the same technique could be applied to a kayak.  I have never done it and I do not recall anyone on this board posting about it.  This group tends like their saws.  I am sure if you do an internet search you will find someone with experience.  Good luck on the projet.

Red dogwood is much better than willow. According to tradition, it’s best to make canoes from cornels ... there are various guides in YouTube for this!