Strip Sander II

Submitted byPaul Montgomery onFri, 03/23/2018 - 21:30

OK looks nice. I guess if I really get to post a new message here, I'll tell ya'all about my new jig I made for my belt sander. It is for sanding strips and although the many strips necessary to make a kayak might be a bit much, it can sand wood down to veneer thickness - and who wouldn't want that!

This is the second one I've made. The first one used my big Makita belt sander. This one uses a small, cheap Ryobi. The first one was built around my Makita and can only be used with that sander. This one can be used with any sander.

I used to take lots of pictures of my boat builds but I'm doing video now, so here's a link to that:

and here's a regular old pic:

The finished product