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Submitted byScott E. Toner onSat, 03/24/2018 - 01:45

After years of lurking and absorbing all the expertise and vicarious friendships, this sad episode with the site pushed me to actually register. If I start asking too many questions, Uncle Nic will need a new site again -- but bless him for this one! Scott


Etienne Muller

Sat, 03/24/2018 - 04:22

Hi Scott,

If the new format prompts the lurkers to become active it will be worth it. Variety of input is what keeps the whole thing fresh and interesting.

I'm sure that by now almost every conceivable aspect of kayak building has been discussed in detail, and could be found in the archives, so I believe that many of us come here for the social interaction around a common interest, and to see what projects others in the community have on the go, so sharing is really why many of us are here. It is like a virtual men's shed. I do wish there were more women active in the general chat. It would add a further dimension and flavour to the conversation.

To speak with conscious purpose is an act of will. To listen with an open heart is an act of love... The atmosphere in this little community so often embodies just that.


Bjarne Blichfeldt

Sat, 03/24/2018 - 12:55

I too have been lurking here for years and have learnt so much. I really appreciate this site, which is my daily dose of kayak information. Hopefully the old archives will remain available, since there is so much knowledge collcted there. 

After building a Smart, Frej and a Black pearl, I am now well underway with a Njord.  This time using pawlownia, which I must say, is really nice to work with. Soft and bends so easy using a heatgun.

Thank-you Nick for all the things you do to promote boat building.  As background, My dad did build a few boats back before I was born and 45 years ago he had helped me build a great big sea kayak for a 4-H wood project that as a young kid I could hardly lift (we had put a plywood bottom on instead of canvas. 

Spin forward to present. I have remodeled my house. Bought a used 10 foot poly kayak to practice on in the water and am so looking to building my garage this year and then building a cedar strip boat to continue this wonderful journey.



Richard B  

 Hi all !

  Been building Cedar strip canoes since 1990.

  Followed Nicks channel on Youtube for quite awhile ! I'm impressed with his expertise, and so this is a natural progression for me ! 

 Always looking to learn more, and willing to share what I've learned also !

 Some of my canoes, that are stored at my old place