HAWK brand epoxy

Submitted byJimD777 onSat, 03/24/2018 - 20:37

I was at Defender Industries yesterday, during their big annual sale, and the place was full of salespeople. I was buying some MAS hardener (I already had the MAS resin), and one of them tried to sell me on this HAWK brand. Anyone tried it? Thanks.

The R1 resin with the  C2 (slow) hardener was water-white and did not blush, but took almost 24 hours to cure in my 55 degree basement.  The  C3 (fast) hardener had a distinct amber color, cured the resin overnight, and blushed slightly. HAWK doesn't sell a "medium" hardener. I definitely recommend giving these guys a look: http://www.raka.com/index.html . I have used their 127 resin with  the 350 "non-blushing" hardener with very good results. Its even cheaper than the HAWK brand (albeit plus shipping). BTW, just asking, what is your experience level with epoxy?