Trillium 21 - maiden voyage!

Submitted byBrad Grimm onSat, 11/07/2020 - 12:18

The Waters Dancing Trillium 21 that I started in May was finished this week.  We launched on Andrews Lake (elevation 10,744 feet) in the San Juan mountains not far from home in Durango.  She's fast and paddles beautifully.  We can't wait to take her to Vancouver Island for a week or two of kayak camping next summer.

The Trillium 21 has been historically a triple, but Rob at Waters Dancing graciously agreed to modify the boat to create a huge center storage compartment instead of the middle cockpit.  It's exactly what we wanted and now Waters Dancing has a new version of the boat to sell, so win-win for us all.

I would love to provide some pics but I keep getting an error message when I try to upload.  Any advice will be appreciated.

You may recall early in the building process I had a very unfortunate incident involving my garage door, in which I broke one of the deck panels completely in two.  Thanks to the encouragement of this forum, I was able to repair the damage to the point where it hardly shows and has no effect on the form or structural integrity of the boat.  So thanks to all on the forum, you guys are the best!



I built a Waters Dancing Solace several years ago and I still really enjoy paddling it.  The Trillium should make a great multi day tripper.  Don't fill it with gear with all that space you would have a heavy boat.