Submitted byRandy onSun, 04/08/2018 - 10:17

My sweetie wants her boat launched yesterday. I don't have time to make a seat so I thought I would buy a seat and put a gell pad on it. I already have a backstrap and hip braces installed, I just need the seat. I have searched the web and am finding only seat pads and full seat / backrest units. Where can I get just the seat?

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Pygmy provides the Thermarest seat for their kayak kits. With the right shape hull, just putting the pad on the hull can be comfortable.

I know paddlers who have removed the seat from their commercial kayaks and replaced it with a piece of closed cell foam (cheap blue foamy sleeping pad). That also lowers the paddler in the boat, which can improve the feeling of stability.

Skwoosh gel pads and seats are also popular:

Just ordered the Happy Bottom seat. We shall see if I can fit it in the boat. If that

goes OK we will order a gell pad for it.

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