Kayak Forum Issues

Submitted byadmin onFri, 08/28/2020 - 16:54

I apologize for the forum going dead for a few days. I didn't notice right away, but I have spent the last two days tracking down issues. Something infected my directories on my web host with some malware. Two days plus $250 later we are at least back online.

I am trying to update the Kayakforum CMS to the latest version but there is something weird about the configuration and the automatic update system is puking on the project. I could do it the old fashioned way by copying various files into various directories, but it would make life better if the automated system worked.

Thanks for your patience,



Thank you, the information contained here you would be hard pressed to find on other other online sources.

...still can't post images. Maybe try to post one yourself and then explain in detail how you did it. I deeply appreciate access to your site, as we all do I am sure.

Robert N Pruden

John VanBuren

Wed, 09/02/2020 - 15:34

While I do not post daily, I do check the forum at least daily for words of wisdom.

This group has taken me from wondering if "I could do that" to "I want to try that".  And shockingly, I have even been involved in passing on what I have learned, by helping teach others the skills I learned here.

Be well my friends,

John VB