Another Option For Holding Strips

Submitted byJohn VanBuren onSun, 04/26/2020 - 08:08


     I am in the process of building a boat out of strips and I am using an inexpensive yet effective of holding the strips in place.

I am using old bicycle tubes with the valves cut off and the tube cut to make it a nice long elastic. I have found that the very skinny road bike tires work well. I simply clamp or tie one end off. Then wrap the tube firmly around the pre-glued strip. I dry fit each strip first. I also use latex surgical tubing, but I had to buy that. And I have a good supply of old bike tubes. 

Should you not have a collection of old bike tubes , try asking a local bike shop to save some for you.

Bw well



Sun, 04/26/2020 - 16:30

I've used similar rubber strips to glue the binding around guitar bodies, wrapping the body.

If you can get old truck tire tubes, you can cut them and get some good long strips, though they will not be as stretchy as a bike tube.

Give the rubber strip a wash and fresh talc unless it's really 'clean'.