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Re: Strip: Distance between bulkheads?

my rails are nearly tight to the bulkhead and I set footpegs one click from the end.

That's what I do on boats where there are footpeg rails - I leave only about 1" gap (for the bulkhead fillet) when I set the bulkhead position.
For me, an advantage of having the bulkhead 'close' is that it makes entering and exiting the boat easier. If I lean back as I put my 'first foot' into the boat, it's possible to 'slide down' into the hull a bit if I miss the footpeg, and then the getting the 'second foot' into the boat can get tricky. Hard to describe, but if you've done it, you will understand! :-)
Having a fixed bulkhead is especially convenient for me when I'm trying to set up for a re-entry and roll.