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Strip: Distance between bulkheads?

After a bit of a hiatus, I've stopped staring at my unfinished Mystic Star hull and started working again. Trying to figure out where to locate the forward bulkhead. I understand that the aft bulkhead should be located 3" behind the aft edge of the cockpit, which is specified on the plans. The forward bulkhead is shown on the (not to scale) plans as being between stations 4 and 5, which would imply the distance between the two bulkheads is between 57 1/4 inches - 77 inches.

Any suggestions on how to determine an appropriate location? If I sit against a wall with my legs fully outstretched, it's 48" to my heels. The cockpit is 33" long. Assuming the seat puts me somewhere in the middle of the cockpit, that suggests a bulkhead-to-bulkhead distance of about 48+16+3=67", is that reasonable?

Thanks! Hope everyone's been well.