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Re: Material: Maroske fittings
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Another solution I have had success with is if you can find an ice tray or chockolate molds with nice ovoid shapes. Cut the molds off into individual pieces, fill with resin and filler, press over plastic piping clean off squeeze out, and allow to set. Then peel off the molds.

That's really a clever idea.
The plastic pops off even if you don't use wax or mold release?

I use the 'outside' of ice cube trays to mold the 'curvy rectangular' glass 'recess' shapes for recessed deck fittings (the type with a SS bar in a recess), but that definitely needs mold release.
For some reason, ice cube trays are a standard item in second hand and thrift stores here, so I have more than a lifetime supply. :-)