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Re: Skin-on-Frame: Linseed oil??

: Thanks for this info... Straight up or diluted oil and if diluted
: with what and will the sinew wax come off/get sticky from the
: solvent?

Hi Tavo,
With linseed I use turpentine as a thinner for the first wipe-on. About 10-20%. It seems to carry the linseed oil a bit deeper (which isn't much). Half the turps in the next wipe-on. Straight linseed after that. That worked for me. Warming the timber and oiling while the wood cools takes it a bit deeper, like epoxy.
I'm not sure if the turps will take off sinew wax, I use woven polyester/Dacron fishing line for lashing and wax it myself with beeswax and the turps didn't seem to effect the wax.

Mike Savage
South West Cork