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Re: Skin-on-Frame: To epoxy, to oil or to varnish

: Have been slowly raising the funds to start a SeaTour 15 yost build
: and finally got to buy the marine plywood, 16' (few lil knots)
: WRC, titebond III, and some sinew. I asked about tung oil at the
: hardware store and got quite an earful about how it won't
: protect and how Florida's humidity will be absorbed by the wood
: and it'll get heavier with time... He said epoxy IS the only way
: to go.
: I want to protect the wood enough for at least 5-6 yrs w/o breaking
: the bank. Epoxy is too smelly/toxic (a friend volunteered his
: garage for this and I don't wanna smell up his place/children).
: Other stuff is probably just as smelly anyway...

: From your experience, what has worked well for you in the past that
: is inexpensive yet reliable (kind of an oxymoron there...)? FYI
: I looked at/thought of Waterlox marine tung oil ($$$),
: Epifanes($$), Spirit Line's tung($$), 100% tung oil from The
: Home Co.($), Interlux Goldspar($), Zar??(?)...

: Would 1qt suffice for the frame and can any be succesfully used to
: also coat the skin (again inexpensively yet reliably)?

: BTW, Happy father's day to all dads here! Buyin' the wood was my
: Father's Day treat :D

I've been using Watco oil, which is basically a mixture of tung oil and varnish on my SOF's, works well and dries alot faster than tung oil does and gets harder too, cheaper too :)

Bill H.