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Re: Strip: registration stickers

: The registration process for home-built boats is involved,
: convoluted, and difficult in Ohio. My boat looks nice, but it's
: for paddling. They have an "alternate registration"
: that allows a single sticker with a number on it. On a sea kayak
: it's supposed to go on the bow, but I put mine on the aft deck.
: They will also let you put it on a "plaque" that is
: "permanently attached" to a deck line if you ask the
: right person at the right watercraft office. Since the skin of a
: SOF is not permanent they "let" you do that. This part
: is not difficult, it's the HIN that's difficult.

: If it were me I'd call around to a couple of offices and see what
: they say.

: m

Hey Mike
I've got 3 boats that I'll need to register this spring, in Ohio.
From what I'm reading the process doesn't sound that difficult. Check this page:
Or maybe there's something else involved they're not telling? This doesn't sound so bad. No mention of cost, though.
I'm still building so I haven't called them yet. Any thoughts?