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I've made 5 kayaks. Stitch and glue Pygmy Osprey about 12 years ago. A strip planked Rob Macks Laughing Loon North Star baidarka for my son. Six Yost SOF boats. A Sea Tour EXP 17 narrowed to 22", a Sea Bee 13', three Sea Tour EXP 15s ,and a Sea TourEXP 18' Tandem.
Now in work on two boats, an addaption of a Biadarka and a microBootlegger.
The Sea Bee 13 was made for a friend using the Morris spline method for attaching the skin, since I completely dislike my stitching quality.

Additionally, I have made two strip planked catamaran row boats - 11' with sliding riggers and 9.5' oars. 11' was to fit in the back of a full size pickup. The sliding rigger was to take out the pitching common with a sliding seat.

Still looking to make a strip planked trimaran sailboat, haven't found one I like. Making one kayak based like the CLC Sail Rig is a possibility, but I would like beach cat comparable performance, so things rapidly spiral up to more cost, weight, and size.

Building kayaks in Ft. Worth, Texas is not a very good way to work within a community, I know of no one building one I haven't encouraged to start.

I am probably more interested in building than paddling. Always interested in more efficient ways to build, and unusual lite weight boats.
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