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John Messinger
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Dentist from Holderness, New Hampshire, USA. Reformed rowing shell, and furniture builder. Also enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, sailing and cycling.

I bought some plans for a rowing shell about 16 years ago. It is a cold molded construction that took about 15 years to complete. When I finally got it out on the water I hated it. Who in their right mind travels around backwards?

In the summer of 2011 I bought a carbon fiber kayak on Craigslist and really enjoy it. But I am a guy that likes a wooden boat. I bought the plans for a Hybrid Night Heron High Deck. After some study I decided I liked the Guillemot L more and bought the plans for that. I finished the Guillemot in April 2012, but needed to retrofit a skeg which took about a month. I also bought the plans for Rob Macks' Baidarka: North Star. Looks like I have enough to keep me off the streets at night for while.

Just completed a Wee Lassie I for a friend in early October 2012. Just started a Wee Lassie II as soon as the WLI was out the door. This should take about 3 months, the North Star is next. This is habit forming.

It is almost Thanksgiving 2013 and I have finished the Wee Lassie II, and the North Star, finished in September 2013, had a few camping trips this past fall. I am working on a Great Auk to race in the Blackburn Challenge.

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