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Ian Cummins
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Started my first kayak, a Redfish Spring Run around 11/1/10. When it's finished, it'll be the first kayak I ever sat in.
Great experience so far and a nice break from furniture.

5/1/2011, just about six months to the day, the boat is finished.

Update: Started a Wee Lassie canoe 9/22/2011. Turns out my wife loves paddling so this solo canoe is just for her. She wanted something light weight and easier to enter than a kayak. It's about 90% complete and should be in the water by Thanksgiving 2011.

Update: Keep borrowing the first canoe from my wife. Second Wee Lassie completed 8/2012.

The kayak took 6 months and the solo canoes each took 3 months to complete.