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Glassing the deck
By:Robert Woodard
Date: 11/26/1998, 11:40 am

Just a quick update and a BIG thanks to everyone for their advice.

I hung the hull from the ceiling last night so it can cure out of the way and I can have room to glass the exterior of the deck. This went very smooth (the second coat of epoxy is drying as I type this). Without the wax paper at the sheer line to get in the way, the glass held very firm along the sheer line this time around.

Only 2 areas that gave me problems, both are my fault.

1) My inlay had one edge that was slightly pulled up. This created a very small void under the glass. Should be very easy to fill later.

2) I had some separation around the cockpit area that I did't see till this morning. It was around 2am when I finished last night and was in a hurry to get in bed. Since I still need to add the coaming, this area will get reinforced anyway so there will be very little additional work here except to sand off the glass that pulled away.

I'm very impressed with how easy the glass and epoxy is to work with. I had worked myself up over nothing. All the tips you guys gave were a big help, and I thank you all.

I still have the interior glassing to do, but since this will not be seen, I have no worries at all. Any tips on getting the glass to lay properly at the bow/stern?

Advice on how to fit/place the foot pegs would be great. I haven't decided if I want to drill through the hull or mount them to a board and glue and glass them in. Either way, how best to decide *where* they go? Should I sit in the boat and determine where they should mount? Best to mount *before* glassing the deck and hull together?

Thanks again,


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Glassing the deck
Robert Woodard -- 11/26/1998, 11:40 am
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