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Filling the "other" voids.
By:Paul Woolson
Date: 11/25/1998, 10:28 am

I've just finished fairing my hull with a few exceptions. I have a few voids between strips. These are not absolute voide in that they can't be seen clear through but rather cracks in the outer layer of the cove and bead. I tried to fill some of them with a dookie schmuts filler and found that I just made a mess that I had to sand off and then found that not much of the epoxy made it into the crack. Question: do I really need to worry about these cracks? They are structurally sound to my satisfaction. I tried to flex them and there was no going. If I don't fill them, will teh epoxy from the glassing fill in the void? Do I have to take any special actions when glassing? Thanks in advance! Paul Woolson

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Filling the "other" voids.
Paul Woolson -- 11/25/1998, 10:28 am
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Re: Filling the "other" voids.
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Re: Filling the "other" voids.
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inject it
Brian C. -- 11/25/1998, 10:51 am
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