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Wetting out the glass
By:Robert Woodard
Date: 11/24/1998, 11:05 am

Well, I just finished wetting out the bottom of the hull. All in all it went pretty easy with a few minor problems:

1) I used wax paper to separate the hull and deck. The major problem I'm having with this is the wax paper is pulling the glass away from the wood at the shear line. I'll probably have to sand this area down to wood prior to sealing the 2 halves together.

2) Glassing around the stems is a semi-major pain. I think I'll have a few voids to fill when it's done. I could keep picking at it but the epoxy is starting to kick and I don't want to make it worse.

Other observations:

1) I didn't use the squeegy much on the outside except to help form the glass around the stems. The roller did a very good job of spreading out an even coat of epoxy.

2) 3 pumps each of resin and hardner worked the best for me. More so because of the size of my mixing cups than anything else.

3) 2 hours was a very good estimate. It probably would have taken less time if I had bigger mixing cups and hadn't fussed so much because of the wax paper. Next time I'll set the deck aside instead of using the wax paper.

Except for the minor problems mentioned above (which should be pretty easy to fix once the epoxy has cured), everything went very well. Since I've never worked with fiberglass before, I expected more pain.