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Cockpit on A Great Auk
Date: 11/23/1998, 2:42 pm

After purchasing Nick's book, I am building the Great Auk. Nick states in his book if you want a bit more performance to scale the cockpit opening. Should I scale the opening concentrically, from the back edge, or the front edge? Or am I just splitting hairs? Any recommendations on size? Could I use the Guillemot's cockpit dimensions? If it matters, I am on the tall side and have scaled the kayaks beam to 23 inches.

Thanks for your input, Rick

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Cockpit on A Great Auk
Rick -- 11/23/1998, 2:42 pm
Re: Cockpit on A Great Auk
Ross Leidy -- 11/23/1998, 4:13 pm
Re: Cockpit on A Great Auk
Nick Schade -- 11/23/1998, 3:34 pm