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CLC's West River vs. Pygmy's Osprey Standard
By:Kevin Webb
Date: 11/22/1998, 10:21 pm

After building a few cedar strip canoes I have decided to undertake the building of two kayaks (one for me and one for my wife). Due to the time involved in building a stripper I am researching the stich n'glue method. After much reading and research I have narrowed my selection down to either CLC or Pygmy.

For aesthetic reason's only, I like the lines of the multi-chine version vs. the hard-chine version. Both CLC's West River & Pygmy's Osprey are offered in the multi-chine version. After putting a kit vs. kit comparsion matrix together, both kits offer about the same features with the exception of CLC's West River kit comes with all the hatches and deck rigging ($141 value). Taking into consideration the cost of the kit, shipping, extras and CLC's $75.00 cash discount, it appears the West River is the best value ($157 difference). Notwithstanding, both companies have excellent support and customer service.

Has anyone built either of these specific kits that would be willing share any positive or negative information relative to building and overall performance of the kayak in the water?

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CLC's West River vs. Pygmy's Osprey Standard
Kevin Webb -- 11/22/1998, 10:21 pm
Re: CLC's West River vs. Pygmy's Osprey Standard
BillThomas -- 11/23/1998, 10:26 pm
Re: CLC's West River vs. Pygmy's Osprey Standard
Dean C. -- 11/22/1998, 10:21 pm