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Build in Basement?
By:Bob Newton
Date: 11/20/1998, 8:37 pm

I am planning to build a kayak this winter. The most convenient place to do this would be my basement, which is heated. I have already checked the window, which is 18" high by 28" wide, so I am confident about getting the boat out in the spring. My question is: will the epoxy fumes create problems, whether physical or psychological, with the rest of my family? Some people describe it as a mild vinegar odor, others tell me it will ruin the house forever. Is the truth out there? Thanks.

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Build in Basement?
Bob Newton -- 11/20/1998, 8:37 pm
Re: Build in Basement?
Brian C. -- 11/23/1998, 11:45 am
Re: Build in Basement?
Robert Woodard -- 11/23/1998, 12:03 pm
think of it as a PFD for building :)
Brian C. -- 11/24/1998, 11:13 am
Re: think of it as a PFD for building :)
Mike Spence -- 11/24/1998, 11:09 pm
Re: Build in Basement?
R. N. Sabolevsky -- 11/22/1998, 11:18 pm
Air Sucking and Filtration can help...
Pete Ford -- 11/21/1998, 7:50 pm
Re: Charcoal and Fumes
Don Beale -- 11/22/1998, 1:07 am
Re: Build in Basement?
Nick Schade -- 11/21/1998, 1:58 pm
Re: Build in Basement?
Steve Schaible -- 11/21/1998, 10:38 am
Re: Build in Basement?
Mac Buhler -- 11/20/1998, 10:58 pm
Re: Build in Basement?
Jim -- 11/20/1998, 11:31 pm