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Re: I like GPS's
By:Don Beale
Date: 11/18/1998, 12:03 pm

> Until I lost my GPS this summer, I liked it.

> There are limitations but if you preload the coordinates of
> "important" points you can navigate to your destination better
> than with a just a compass (you get a bearing and a distance).

> The errors in GPS's are built in. The position error up to 300' and speed
> errror up to 1 mph.

George, I think that is different for different models. I know that last year when I went up and down the coast we had a new 12 channel Garmin. It would get us within about 30'. For megabucks you can get DGPS (differential) which is also tied in to a local ground transmitter that eliminates the error. It's real handy for getting from one place to another, that's for sure.

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Don Beale -- 11/18/1998, 12:03 pm
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