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By:Robert Woodard
Date: 11/17/1998, 7:10 pm

Ok guys, I've got a puzzle piece I don't understand. I have 8 inner stem pieces made of cedar, and 8 outer stem pieces made of cherry. Where do these go?

I thought I knew until I saw there are 8 of them. I thought there would be a piece of cedar on the outside of the bow and stern (2 total), and on top of that a piece of cherry(1 on each end, for 2 total).



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Robert Woodard -- 11/17/1998, 7:10 pm
Which kit? Which boat?
Paul Jacobson -- 11/18/1998, 2:02 am
Re: Which kit? Which boat?
Robert Woodard -- 11/18/1998, 6:59 am
Re: Which kit? Which boat?
Jack Sanderson -- 11/18/1998, 7:42 am
Re: Which kit? Which boat?
Nick Schade -- 11/18/1998, 9:20 am