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Temperature for glue
By:Bob Marr
Date: 11/16/1998, 1:20 pm

Here's an elementary question: How warm does it have to be for titebond or Elmer's wood glue to dry properly? I'm going to be building in my basement this winter and it can get down to 35 degrees or so at times.

Also, what brand/type of glue is the best (in everyone's opinion)?


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Temperature for glue
Bob Marr -- 11/16/1998, 1:20 pm
Re: Temperature for glue
Edgar Kleindinst -- 11/16/1998, 2:51 pm
Bob Marr -- 11/16/1998, 3:00 pm
Re: Temperature for glue
Robert Woodard -- 11/16/1998, 2:06 pm