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kayak surfing
By:Rico Frediani
Date: 11/15/1998, 8:25 pm

I have been looking for anyone who has spent some time in the surf with kayaks. I have been surfing my sit on top for about a year. There have not been to many people who have been interested or who had any information. If anyone knows of what shape or type of kayak works best please let me know. I have ridden a "vision" in 4 to 5 foot surf and had a ball.

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kayak surfing
Rico Frediani -- 11/15/1998, 8:25 pm
Re: kayak surfing
Reggie Baker -- 11/17/1998, 10:31 am
Re: kayak surfing
Joe O' -- 11/15/1998, 8:56 pm
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Mark Bodnar -- 11/16/1998, 9:10 pm